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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Save money by cutting your family's hair.

I do not enjoy cutting hair. But I do enjoy saving money. I enjoy having a retirement fund, a savings account, and college funds for the kids. So one of the things I do is cut my family's hair. My boys' hair sticks straight up, and I don't want to put gel in it every day, mostly because I'm terrible at that, so I keep the kids' hair short. I cut it with clippers, so it's really easy. I bought some remington clippers seven years ago when I got married, and they are still functioning just fine.

If they got hair cuts every six weeks starting at age one and if it cost $10, which is a low estimate, then by my estimates, I've saved $1130 in the seven years I've been married by cutting my husband's and two boy's hair.  And I only spent about $20 on the clippers. One time a guard broke and I thought I would have to buy new clippers, but it turns out that you can buy guards at beauty supply stores.

Whew. Dodged a bullet.

But that hair gets everywhere. It makes me feel itchy. I don't like it.

One time I let David cut my hair. One time. I don't want to save money that much.


  1. this is silly, I like your candid tone :) I go to a salon to cut my hair, but I only go about once or twice a year. I think it is money well spent. My husband cuts his own hair and makes a huge mess in the bathroom every few months. :P

    1. Cutting hair is very messy! When we were first married, we had a deal that I would cut his hair if he would clean it up, but now that we have kids, he gives them a bath after haircuts, so it's my responsibility to clean up.

      I don't know if this is normal, but sometimes I get a hair splinter. A splinter, but with hair instead of wood. Eventually I will learn to wear shoes when I cut hair.

      It's definitely worth it for us to get our hair cut professionally. Especially if we don't need our hair cut too often. I wouldn't mind having a female friend cut my hair, but I guess it's never come up in conversation.

  2. I relate to this. I cut Stephen's,have had a hair splinter, and feel it worth it to go somewhere for my cut. Maria has hers cut about every 2 years and I leave with a wet head to cut cost. Works for us!