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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Throwback Thursday

It must be Throwback Thursday. Is that a thing? I've been seeing it on facebook. 
I had to look at a calendar and verify that it is Thursday. When you stay home everyday, the days run together.

Anyhow, look what my Great Grandmother (MaMa) made for me! An apron with separate colored pockets for each crayon. And they were giant crayons, too. 

Wouldn't it be great if I had a picture of me as a tiny person wearing this? Mom?

I'm glad she put the year and her name on there. Otherwise, I wouldn't remember, seeing as how I was four, and this was almost thirty years ago.
I am not a sentimental person, and I throw away almost everything that I don't find useful. (It cuts down on the clutter). But this has survived because it's so special. It makes me want to make extra special things for the people I love. I think I'll start putting the year and my name onto things. Maybe I could sew a little embroidered tag onto the knitted things I make. 

Do you have any handmade gifts that are special enough to keep even though they aren't useful anymore?

Did you get any horrible handmade gifts that didn't survive even one cleaning of your closet?

People, don't you dare make horrible handmade gifts!
Please forgive me for making those chimes for everyone that year.


  1. Nice blog design and what a precious treasure!

  2. My husband has Easter candy from when he was in middle school. When I found it (cleaning the spare room) I got red alert flashing brain warnings, but when I came home and showed him all he said was "ewww" and threw it out. Turns out most of the boxes in the spare room are things his mother boxed for him and delivered to his new home. And being the man he is, he just stuck them in his spare room and....

    But still. Who saves candy? O.o

    1. That is funny! I am sensing some tension with the MIL. :)