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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A brand-new family heirloom

My mom is pretty craft herself when she's not too busy. Recently I shared some pillows she made.

She has also been known to paint, and among many smaller pieces, she has painted the top of an old wooden desk and the front of small cabinet. For some reason, she wouldn't give me one of those pieces of furniture. Mothers.

But I asked her to paint something for me, and she has! 

It's this lovely table that I picked out at the unfinished wood furniture store. (Not a cheap table, but one which will last forever.)

This tiny piece of furniture has added so much color to my foyer!
So many details I love.

This reminds me of the hot air balloon festival they have here every Spring.

"Wood Shop"

Precious tiny flag.

I plan to pass this down to my kids and grandkids. I love that someday someone will look at this signature and say "Your great-great-grandmother painted this."

Maybe they will think that we lived in a little seaside town that looked just like this. 

Maybe I should hide a mysterious note in a crevice underneath for my descendants to find. A note that would make them think we went through terrible trials, were involved in scandal, or were responsible for ridding the world of communism and repression once and for all.

Maybe I read too many books.

Do you have any interesting heirlooms, new or old? What makes them special to you?

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