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Monday, October 14, 2013

Ask me your money questions, or I will be forced to make some up.

I love volunteering as a financial counselor at my church. I get to meet with people and discuss areas they can cut back, ways to generate money, what they want in their future and how to best plan for it. I imagine that it's difficult for a lot of people to sign up for financial counseling and lay bare their most private thing, their finances. Well, maybe that's the second, third or fourth most private thing. 

Do you have any questions about money? Please send me your questions and I will be happy to answer them on the blog, without revealing who you are. Unless you really want me to. I could even go over your whole budget and give you ideas where you could save money. 

I could mediate the money disagreements you have with your spouse.

If you have a financial conflict with your spouse, my husband David has agreed to guest blog with me, so you can be sure you're getting a balanced answer.

Email me at charlottewoodwind at gmail dot com.
If no one asks a question, I will be forced to make one up.

I think it would make a great TV show if people would meet with financial counselors, and then six months later, whoever paid off the most debt/saved the most money would win some money. But the winnings would always go to something boring and responsible like a retirement or college fund. People love being on TV. They wouldn't mind showing the whole world their private financial business.

Too bad I'm not giving away money.

Would you watch that show?


  1. Finances is the one thing my husband and I disagree on. I think we need to increase our spending in the areas of groceries and personal money and giving. My husband tries to spend as little as possible all the time. I just hate one ply toilet paper. First world problems!

    Anyway I feel it is very important to buy non GMO food and eat natural and he wants to by the cheapest food possible! We compromise on this because I cook but my husband still grumbles about it. Any thoughts?

    1. Thanks for the question! I am going to think about it and provide you with a thoughtful answer.