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Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Sweater Poncho

For me, knitting and crocheting requires a certain weather. I just can't get out the needles on an 80 degree day. I started this poncho in August when we had a few unseasonably cold days, but I put it away when I was cleaning up for company and I haven't gotten it back out until reasonably.

I love this pattern. You can find it here. It's about halfway down the page. Their version is in orange. This is a french website, but don't worry, because the directions for this one are in Chinese. There's a handy diagram that isn't too difficult to follow. But just in case. There is one difficulty. There's a lot of numbers on that page, and I couldn't figure out which was the number for how long the first chain should be. I tried 70.

Seventy was much too short, and for some reason, I thought the pattern was wrong and I kept trying to fudge it, and you see how that fudging made it turn out misshapen. It turns out there was nothing wrong with the pattern.

 So I pulled the whole thing apart.

I think that 70 might have referred to the number of centimeters. Looking back I think that the 113 might be the number you are supposed to chain. I guessed and went with about 130.

This pattern is actually pretty simple. It's just two rectangles sewn together.

Here Sweater poses with it's other Fall friend, Leaf.

Take the picture, already.

I like how the different colors bring out the different stitches.

I'm not sure what I was gesturing towards. Perhaps the fact that all of the shoes happen to be inside the basket. That is quite unusual.

I already had five partial balls of yarn that I used for this project. I ended up needing to buy three more. But I didn't use them up. I think five or six full balls of yarn would be enough. Yarn isn't that cheap, so you could probably buy a sweater cheaper than you could make one.

But you wouldn't be as proud of that sweater. And you wouldn't feel accomplished for buying it.

I thought about writing out the full directions in English for you. But I don't really believe that anyone who reads my blog would actually decide to make this sweater.

What's on your needles lately?

Go. Create.

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