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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Homemade Halloween

This is what I've been working on today:

The kids are going to be Mario and Luigi, and David is going to be this square question mark guy:

Maybe if you bump into him, he'll throw you penny.

I made a stencil using a pen, ruler, and razor knife.

And a stencil for the squares.
You can't tell, but I painted the whole box gold.

Just imagine David's head coming out of the top.
The boys will wear regular jean overalls, with a red shirt for Mario and a green shirt for Luigi, adorable corresponding hats, and if I can convince them, a mustache stuck on with tape. I'm glad that they can also wear the shirts and the overalls as regular clothes. There's a possibility that I will attempt to be Princess Peach. But I don't have a pink dress anything like this:

I have a green dress. And I can make a cardboard crown. I can wear white gloves. Well, mittens. If I hang out with question mark box, Mario, and Luigi, do you think people will know that I am Princess Peach?

What kinds of costumes have you made? 

When my older son was three, I made him an awesome digger costume.

Check out those headlights.

But between the box and his short little legs, he couldn't climb stairs to people's front doors. I had to climb the stairs for him, and ask for candy, and explain to suspicious people at every house that he couldn't climb stairs in the ridiculous costume I had made for him.

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