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Friday, October 11, 2013

Wood Art

I'm editing this post because I'm going into business selling my wood art. And it seems like bad business to tell you how to make your own. But you artsy people will figure out how to make your own version if you want to. I've improved my process and added/changed designs since I've made this first one.  I'll still show you some pictures from my first attempt.

I'm pretty excited about this project.

These are the first colors I picked.

But that doesn't look good. At all.
It's okay to fail. Pick yourself up and try it again.

That is too much red and the yellow is too bright. So I changed the colors.

Ta da!


  1. Wow, that turned out beautiful! I love how you laid it out so it's almost like an ombre effect. Gorgeous!
    Kelly @ View Along the Way