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Friday, October 11, 2013

Mice on Main, Falls Park, and the Plague of Blood

If you haven't been to downtown Greenville, SC, you really should make the trip. Some friends are in town visiting from Pennsylvania, so I wanted to show them around. And we didn't have to spend any money! I did spend money. But I didn't have to. Since we had small children with us, I went ahead and parked in the first spot I saw which was not a free parking spot. If you go on an evening or weekend, (when there's no event going on) most of the parking is free. 

When I was growing up, there used to be one coffee shop, one hip clothing store, a Hot Dog King, an Army/Navy store, and lots of empty parking spots. But in 2003, they tore down the bridge in the picture below. 


It was going right over a beautiful waterfall that no one could see. I thought it was a bit communist to tear down a perfectly good bridge in order to build a silly park. But I was wrong. They built an awesome park that people have flocked to. I think that the building of this park has really turned downtown around. I started to notice that people were walking around downtown where they hadn't been before. They started to build new buildings, renovate old buildings, and lots of restaurants and shops were moving in. 

There's this walking bridge in the park, which is not quite as curved as this panoramic picture would have you believe.

View from the bridge.

Why, thank you, Bridge. You are too.



There are charming little mice-sized mouse statues all down main street. We went on a scavenger hunt to find them. Here's some clues, but I didn't find them too helpful. It was the watchful eyes of Ashley that were most helpful. 

We found them six of them before we had to turn around in order to get home for lunch and naps.

You can buy replicas in the Mast General Store for only $7 if you are so inclined to buy adorable useless bronze mice. We went in there and found a Christmas present or two for certain hard-to-buy-for Grandmothers.

Here's a statue of a drooling wild boar. Really.

This sign seems to say "See how much fun skateboarding is? Too bad."
 A fun time was had by all.

It's breast cancer awareness month, so downtown is celebrating in their own "special" way.


With fountains of blood. 


Perhaps they wish to remind us of our fate if don't donate to research on this one disease which is apparently much more important than all of the other diseases that might affect us.

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