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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Autumn button pillow

My mom has been working on a pretty adorable pillow for Fall.

(It hasn't been stuffed yet).

Her pink monster is out of commission, and she "can't figure out how to work my sewing machine", so she asked me to sew up the edges of the pillow.

That tiny acorn button is absolutely my favorite.

I think you can figure out how to make your own just by looking at it, so I won't bore with those details. I'll just show you the lovely pictures.

This would be a great project to do while watching TV. Maybe "Once Upon A Time". That's my newest favorite show. I am watching it every single night until I finish it, thanks to Netflix. When I finish it, maybe the next season of White Collar will be available. I've been waiting forever.

This is the Summer version that Mom made last year. Maybe we'll see a Christmas tree with little red ornaments on it, next.

With the Fall version, I noticed the buttons are all piled on top of each other and overlapped. I think I like that look better.

Isn't Mom great? I can't wait to show you the table she has been painting for me. It is really outstanding and very complicated. You won't get a tutorial on that.

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