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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Easy Thanksgiving Table Decorations

We had our Thanksgiving dinner early this year.

My table isn't usually decorated.

It usually has a basket full of vitamins that I forget to pass out to the kids.

Or food. Or crumbs.

Usually crumbs.

So I usually don't decorate it.

But I thought I'd put some dried beans, lentils, peas, and acorns into different sized cups and put some candles on top. It is Thanksgiving after all. And my family trusts me to do half of the cooking for it.

I borrowed some candles and Autumn things from other parts of my house.

I enlisted my entire family to gather acorns from my parents' yard in 32 degree weather. It's hard to find the ones that haven't been chewed on, and also still have their hats on. So this is all we have. But it's my favorite part.

Did you know the inside of a fresh acorn is orange?

 If I do this again, I will use votive candles with the metal casing around them for easier clean-up and exactly one fewer broken cups.

That little champagne glass did not stand up to having melted candle cleaned out of it. I might keep a piece of that glass in my finger to remember it by.

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