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Friday, November 15, 2013

Important Things

My sweet husband took me last night to see Dave Ramsey live. I love Dave Ramsey. He taught me everything I know about money. You should listen to his show.

I think my life would actually be significantly different if I had not heard Dave.

I woke up this morning feeling like I should do something big. Something important. What am I doing day in and day out.? I take care of my kids. I wash clothes. I cook dinner. I do dishes. I occasionally write a blog that not too many people read. Maybe some people would argue that some of those things are important, but they don't feel important. I should be starting my own business that will make us rich so we can become philanthropists. I should be working to topple the dictator of North Korea, or at least smuggling people out.

I couldn't think of anything big or important that I could do today. But I made some cookies. And I made two surprise deliveries of said cookies. And maybe that was a tiny bit more important than sitting at home.

Are you doing anything important? I would like to know if you have any ideas. Especially if it's something you can do with an almost three-year-old in tow.

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  1. And that was very important/appreciated by me. Here is the thing...you never know how your act of kindness may influence someone else. Example, since I was in the office by myself today I gladly devoured and savored some of the cookies and gave the rest to someone in another office who I know was having a bad day. Never know how the chain of goodness can affect others. Sometimes, it's the little things that do count. Good blog post honey!