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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gift Inspiration. Giftspiration.

 I was at Lowe's this morning, gathering supplies for a super secret project, and I decided to pop on over to the Christmas section and see what inspires me. 

We often take on a project each year of making something in large quantities to give to several people on our gift list. Some years it turns it pretty awesome, like when I made aprons for all the ladies, and sometimes it is not so awesome like when we made chimes from the old leaky copper pipes that were pulled out of our crawl space.


I like these little ornaments.

I could make that.

You could make that, and even add some candy canes.

The beauty of this is that you could make about eight of these from a quarter yard of fabric, a little stuffing, some thread. It would be a super cheap project that people would appreciate because you took the time to make them. You could make each one a little bit different.

Or you could go to Lowe's and buy them for $3 or $4 and cut the tags off and pretend that you made them. Why not include some Keebler cookies that you took out of the package and put into some pretty cellophane wrap?

Is this a present you would like to receive? You know, from a coworker or lesser cousin.

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