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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thanks, Walmart!

Have I mentioned that I despise unnecessary packaging?

Especially these things that can give you cuts as you stab into them:

I scorn packaging that makes a product look much larger than it really is. I reject containers that are full of air. I cast aside cartons with unnecessary layers of plastic safeguards. I'm not an environmentalist, but I don't like waste, and I don't like the thought of all that plastic going into the ground. (This paragraph was brought to you by my thesaurus).

So I was glad when I saw this:

"Same amount of cheese, less packaging."
Thanks, Walmart. Thanks for treating us like intelligent consumers who can read a label.

Here's 9 ounces of Walmart meat in a smaller package than 7 ounces of other meat.

Have you noticed this bottle? It is wide and tall, so it looks pretty big. But it's not. It's a waste of packaging.

So read labels, and let's buy from companies who keep costs down and keep trash down by making smaller packages.

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  1. True! But I don't buy from walmart...another story, though, for another day :P