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Friday, December 6, 2013

Thoughts on Gift-Wrapping From a Professional Wrapper

That one Christmas season at JCPenney entitles me with the right to claim my status as a professional gift-wrapper, and all the rights and privileges therein. There was one girl that I was working with who couldn't find a parking spot one day because of all the mall traffic, so she just never came back. She probably doesn't have any rights or privileges.

Since I want you to save money and also have a less cluttered house, I have a purchase to recommend to you. First, you need to use up all the Christmas wrapping paper that you have in your house. Then you need to go to Sam's with your mom, because she has a membership, and buy one giant roll of wrapping paper that you will wrap everything in for years. This is 375 square feet of wrapping paper. The first roll I pulled up at Walmart was 12.5 square feet. Regular wrapping paper=14 cents a square foot. Sam's wrapping paper=2 cents a square foot.

It is reversible, so you have two coordinating designs, which I think looks nice under the tree. And it's sturdy. 

Now you only have one roll of wrapping paper! Hurray for less clutter! Hurray for that you didn't have to waste packaging.

Does anyone know where I can find birthday paper as wonderful as this?

My second idea, is not really my idea. I read this in Better Homes and Gardens a few years back. Make gift tags out of your Christmas cards. Pick a pretty part of the card that is blank on the backside, cut out a rectangle, and snip the corners if you want. Then hole-punch it. 

You don't mind if I don't go back and flip this picture in the right direction, right?
Write your tos and froms on the back. Tie it on with a ribbon.


  1. I love the two sided paper! I just bought a roll of birthday wrap (not Sam's club size, sadly) from someone who was selling stuff for a school fund raiser. It's great for two-part gifts (who says the batteries aren't a gift. Those things aren't cheap).

    1. If you buy them from the dollar store, they are cheap. They might not last as long as expensive batteries. Duracell's cost 5 times as much, but I'm certain they don't last five times as long. I would really like to do an experiment to see how much longer they last.

  2. I was thinking recently about just buying brown packing/butcher paper and twine...but I like the double-sided paper!