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Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Woman Who Gives Her Child Up for Adoption is a Wonderful Woman

Which one will you see as your solution?
I've been seeing so much about abortion lately. And it makes me so sad. Have one in three women really had an abortion?

 I think one reason that the abortion rate is so high is that people feel too ashamed to carry a baby to full term when they cannot take care of it. Women can have abortions and no one has to know. But everyone knows you are pregnant if you carry a baby to term in order to give him up for adoption.

I don't want to condemn anyone for what has already happened. If one in three women have had abortions, then I'm sure I know several women who have. I forgive you, Jesus forgives you, and everyone who loves Jesus should also forgive you. But if I can prevent any future abortions, I really want to. In order to do that, I think we need to celebrate the women who are brave enough to give birth to the babies that they are not able to take care of. It needs to be socially acceptable to give a baby up for adoption when the parents aren't able to take care of him.

I'm not too eloquent, but I have something to say. Lots of people are celebrating adoption, forever families, and the parents who are willing to adopt. But I want to celebrate the biological parents who give their babies a chance at life even though they aren't the ones who are going to be able to raise them. Will you celebrate them, too? Will you spread the word that it's okay to give a baby up for adoption? Will you forgive them for getting pregnant? (You and I aren't so perfect ourselves).

Lots of people are waiting to adopt your baby. I am one of them. We've been waiting for a year now, even though we've raised our age limit up to 10. If you or someone you know is considering an abortion, would you consider letting me and my family raise your child? It's not about my family wanting more kids, though. I don't want you to think that. It's about giving babies a chance at life.

Spread the word: It's okay to give your baby up for adoption.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Barefoot Sandals: A Vague Tutorial

Yes, they are completely impractical, and yet I wanted some. And I was even willing to shell out $1.25 for a new crochet hook in order to make them. 

You'll need a size B/1-2.25 mm crochet hook, some leftover washers from your husband's stash,

and this cotton stuff that your great grandmother used to crochet her doilies.

Since you may not have the same size feet, yarn, crochet hook, or washers, I will give you the general directions, and you just make it fit your situation. You don't have to count stitches. I find that freeing!

I used three different sized washers, but like I said, make this your own and use what you have.

If the hole on any of your washers is only 4 mm like one of mine was, then add a single stitch chain after every second stitch. If you don't, you won't room for all of the stitches and your circle won't lay flat. 

Like this.

Before I give you the directions, I will do my best to show how to crochet into a washer. In the pictures, I was doing the double crochet on the middle ring, but you do the triple and single crochet in the same way. 

First, wrap your yarn around the crochet hook, then put the hook through the hole in the washer.

Wrap the yarn around your hook. 

Pull it through. 

Finish your stitch like normal. 

Do the second stitch in the double crochet. 

Finish up. The first stitch in each washer is awkward, but the rest get easier. 

Now that you've got that, here are the directions.

Chain until you have about 20 inches. (Now, isn't that easier than counting maybe 212 stitches?)
Triple crochet around half of your largest washer. 
Chain 1 stitch. 
Double crochet around half of your medium washer. 
Chain one. 
Single crochet around half of your smallest washer. 

It should look like this:

Chain stitch until you have enough chain to comfortably wrap around your second toe. Don't make it tight. 
Bring your chain to the smallest washer and single crochet into the last stitch there.
Single crochet around the second half of the smallest washer. Fit in as many stitches in as you can.
Single crochet one stitch into the chain that connects to the next washer.
Double crochet around the second half of the medium washer.
Single crochet one stitch into the chain that connects to the next washer.
Triple crochet around the second half of the large washer.
Single crochet one stitch at the base of your first chain.
Chain another 20 inches.
You're done!
Just kidding, you have to make two.

Now you have a set of completely useless toe jewelry, and you will probably be looking for reasons to go outside barefoot.

I painted my toenails just for this picture. It was time. They weren't presentable.

The one on the left is the rough draft, and I learned a few things while making that one that I incorporated into the directions above and the final draft that you see on the right. If I don't get too lazy, I will take it apart and redo it.

These will look better on you because you have a tan and daintier ankles.

I hope the directions were clear. Let me know if you have any problems or questions.