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Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Woman Who Gives Her Child Up for Adoption is a Wonderful Woman

Which one will you see as your solution?
I've been seeing so much about abortion lately. And it makes me so sad. Have one in three women really had an abortion?

 I think one reason that the abortion rate is so high is that people feel too ashamed to carry a baby to full term when they cannot take care of it. Women can have abortions and no one has to know. But everyone knows you are pregnant if you carry a baby to term in order to give him up for adoption.

I don't want to condemn anyone for what has already happened. If one in three women have had abortions, then I'm sure I know several women who have. I forgive you, Jesus forgives you, and everyone who loves Jesus should also forgive you. But if I can prevent any future abortions, I really want to. In order to do that, I think we need to celebrate the women who are brave enough to give birth to the babies that they are not able to take care of. It needs to be socially acceptable to give a baby up for adoption when the parents aren't able to take care of him.

I'm not too eloquent, but I have something to say. Lots of people are celebrating adoption, forever families, and the parents who are willing to adopt. But I want to celebrate the biological parents who give their babies a chance at life even though they aren't the ones who are going to be able to raise them. Will you celebrate them, too? Will you spread the word that it's okay to give a baby up for adoption? Will you forgive them for getting pregnant? (You and I aren't so perfect ourselves).

Lots of people are waiting to adopt your baby. I am one of them. We've been waiting for a year now, even though we've raised our age limit up to 10. If you or someone you know is considering an abortion, would you consider letting me and my family raise your child? It's not about my family wanting more kids, though. I don't want you to think that. It's about giving babies a chance at life.

Spread the word: It's okay to give your baby up for adoption.


  1. Adoption is such a loving choice and in this day and age it's not like your baby just goes away and you don't know where or how it's doing. There are so many options for openness in adoption that allow baby, birth mother and often other family members to be part the baby's life. Most birth mothers choose the families that adopt their babies. It breaks my heart that anyone would think having an abortion would be easier than letting your body care for a child for nine months and then placing it in a loving home. In this world where the definition of family is so 'flexible' we have been awfully slow to embrace the relationship between biological and adoptive families and adopted children. If you think that raising a child would ruin your life, there is an option where you get to keep your life and so does your son or daughter. How could that not be the best option?

  2. love this post so much. I wish you luck as you wait :)