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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Build Shelves for your laundry baskets

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I did not like how on laundry day, I would sort out the dirty clothes in the laundry room and have piles all over the floor. Shouldn't the laundry room be the most beautiful room in the house? Maybe not, but Pinterest is certainly making us feel inadequate about our laundry rooms! And I like things to be neat, so I said to my husband, "Maybe someday, not right now, but when we get bored, we could build some laundry basket shelves." So he's all like "Let's go to Lowe's tonight". And I'm all like "Really? OK! But we have to go to Walmart first and make sure we have six identical laundry baskets".  I like these square baskets, because the shelves don't take up as much room as they would with rectangle baskets.

Then I drew up some plans. I wanted to know exactly what measurements we needed so we could get the wood cut at Lowe's. They have this big set up that makes it so easy to measure and then cut in straight lines. Sometimes they will charge you 25 cents per cut. But sometimes they do it for free. I guess it depends on who is helping you. And possibly how pretty you are. It takes so long to cut wood at home that I think 25 cents per cut is worth it. But we were lucky. They did it for free!

Too bad I miscalculated and David had to cut three of the pieces at home anyway.

These baskets are 19 inches square and 13 1/2 inches tall. I will give you the measurements that will work with these baskets and 1/2 inch plywood. You need 12 pieces of 1 x 2 cut to 19 inches each. The bottom and top piece are 39 1/2 x 19. The vertical pieces are 45 x 19. The back piece is 46 x 39 1/2. That will leave 1 1/2 inches above each basket. If you have large loads, you might want to leave more space above your baskets. Sand the wood where needed and put the 1 x 2s on with wood glue and screws. Put the large pieces together with wood glue and screws. Don't use screws that are too long. They will put cracks in the plywood. Get your husband to help. Then paint it a pretty color. Then realize your laundry room needs to be painted too.

Here it is in the spare room waiting for the laundry room to be painted.

Here it is in the laundry room with fresh white walls.

I've been picking things up here and there to spruce up the laundry room. The rug is from target. The ironing board cover is from this shop in etsy. That picture is from a yard sale, but I think it's too dark. I'll be keeping my eyes open for a new one at future yard sales.

Here is a less flattering view of my laundry room. It is still a real laundry room, after all. Not a Pinterest laundry room.

But does anyone know how to add a "pin it" button? I can't figure that out.

Edit: My sweet husband made me a pinterest button! Just hover over the pictures if you want to pin something.

Have you done anything cool in your laundry room?

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