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Thursday, August 1, 2013

How not to make old shirts look new

So, I have this old t-shirt that I kind of like. It's got that little lacy part at the top which is sort of nice. But the color has faded to this grey/green/beige/khaki non color. It's so boring. I have some old RIT dye in the closet, so let's see what I can do with it.

Some fabrics won't dye, but the tag says 100% cotton. So there won't be any problems.  Since it's so faded, I'm going to try to dye it without using the color remover first. This will probably save time. I have a dark red dye left over from some other project, so let's see how that looks.



I'm not big on purple. This isn't horrible. But it kind of is. I will use the color remover to make it a sort of white color and then I'll try it again.

Here it is after the RIT color remover. That's strange how the lacy part didn't bleach. Did the tag lie about being cotton? No matter. I'll use the red dye again, and since it's such a dark red, I'll add some orange dye to it, to make it a little brighter.

So. That's not the color I was going for. I think I have a new shirt to wear while I'm painting. I might have tried again, but the red dye bottle was leaking and I threw it away. I almost had a carpet disaster! This shirt has now been four colors anyway, and I am no longer interested in it.

I should have left it purple.

DIY fail.

But you should still try dyeing your clothes. This is a great option for solid color clothes that are actually cotton. Try it on faded clothes, boring clothes, or something you got bleach on.

You can also dye wood. I'll tell you about my kids' train tracks some time.

Have you dyed anything? How did it go for you?

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