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Friday, August 30, 2013


Ready to celebrate Memorial Day! (You don't mind this was three months ago, right?)
 I love bunting. I read a long time ago in Better Homes and Garden magazine that you can get the kind of plastic lined fabric that is made for outdoor tablecloths, cut triangles, and sew it to a line of fabric without even having to sew the edges. That is a great idea, but my fabric store only had that plastic fabric in two ugly colors. So I had to use regular cotton. Since I like things to be different, (and easy) I made some rectangle bunting instead of the usual triangle bunting. This is easier because you just fold a rectangle in half and sew up the sides.

Do you know about assembly line sewing? When you finish sewing down one side of your fabric, instead of pulling it out, cutting the thread and putting the next piece in to sew, you just leave a small space without pulling the fabric out, or cutting the thread, and start sewing the next piece. Do one side of every piece, then do the other side. They will all be hooked together like a ladder. Just cut the thread between each one when you're done. This will save a lot of time on this sort of project.

Here's a good example of assembly line sewing:
Just kidding. Here it is:

I sewed the top with half inch wide double fold bias tape. So much easier than cutting thin strips of fabric and ironing it and sewing it together.

I changed it up by making some wide and some skinny.
Then my friend was having a baby and I wanted to make something special, so I tried the triangle bunting. I cut out a piece of cardboard in the shape I wanted so they would all be the same.

I laid this out to figure out which color I wanted in what order with what color letter.

Some of you may have fancy machines that cut out letters, but since I don't have that, I printed out some letters in the font I wanted. I carefully cut the paper letters out, pinned them on to the fabric, and then cut the fabric. I'm not gonna lie, that took a while. But I really like making things. If I wasn't spending my time cutting out letters, I would have been spending useless time on Facebook. 

I ironed on the letters with fusible webbing and then sewed them on applique style before I sewed the triangle halves together. Sew the bottom two sides of the triangles (right sides together) and cut off the point at the bottom so the extra fabric isn't bunched up inside.  Turn it inside out and use a knitting needle to poke it out extra pointy. Iron it and sew around the edge for a more professional look. Sew the top to some double fold bias tape. Make sure you leave enough room on the end in order to hang it up.

We had the baby shower at my house, so we hung it up as a decoration and a present, which is not the usual way of doing things. But I don't feel bound by tradition.

I'm pretty sure I put those toys away before the shower started.

Here's a funny picture of my two year old for no reason.

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