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Friday, August 30, 2013

How to organize your thread

Not too long ago, my craft room was covered with plastic drawers full of yarn, fabric, batteries, paint, coloring books, and all kinds of craft supplies. I had my eye out at the yard sales for a big solid wood cabinet with lots of drawers. Eventually, I'm sure I would have found just the right piece of vintage furniture, but we ended up buying something new and very heavy. It was my anniversary present. We had to ask the neighbor to come over to help us get it out of the van. Thanks, neighbor!

When we got rid of the plastic drawers, I wanted a pretty way to get organized. So I found a thrift store frame. You might have a good one in your closet. It was a pink frame, and obviously we can't have pink frames hanging about, so I spray painted it. I found two and a half inch finishing nails. Husband told me they were called finishing nails. It means they have a very small head and you can easily fit your thread on it. Depending on what the back of your frame is made out of, you might need to add a piece of cardboard, or a thin piece of wood. I got a pretty piece of scrap-booking paper that it turns out, you can hardly see, and then I hammered the nails on top of it one and half inches apart. I didn't need a large frame since I don't have that much thread. Each spool takes up about two and a half inches square, so you can figure out how big a frame you need.
This would look prettier if all my thread was the same size and shape.

I put all of my tiny spools in a jar.

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