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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Quick and Easy Dinner

I thought I'd share a recipe with you. I like this because it's so easy. It's somewhat healthy I guess, and the kids love it. I try to keep all the ingredients on hand for whenever I don't have time for cooking the usual dinner.

By the way, give yourself permission not to measure ingredients. Do you ever cook that way? If you aren't new at cooking, you know approximately what a tablespoon looks like. Just wing it. It saves time. If you don't get the proportions exactly right, it will still probably taste the same. And you'll have less measuring utensils to wash.

I hope you feel liberated now.

Easy Tuna Apple Dinner

1 apple, chopped up
1 pouch of tuna 6.4ish ounces
1 glob of mayonnaise
1 sprinkle of cumin
1 appropriate amount of sliced almonds
ritz crackers for everyone

Mix the first five ingredients and then put it on the crackers. Even a husband can make it if you set all the ingredients out for him. This makes enough for four of us, but our kids are small, and my husband doesn't eat as much as your husband.

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