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Monday, August 26, 2013

Sewing mistakes

I have made many mistakes while sewing.   It may be that the only way to avoid these mistakes is to make them yourself, and then learn from them. But in case you can learn from my mistakes, here are some of the blunders I have made.
Meet my friend, Seam Ripper.

1. Sewing the top of a pocket closed. I made a lot of aprons for Christmas one year, and I definitely sewed a pocket closed.  On this subject, I hate it when they sew pants pockets closed. If I had wanted pants without pockets I would have bought them that way.

2. Letting fabric get folded and sewed. I am happily sewing along, full speed, when out of nowhere, from underneath the fabric something gets folded up and sewn in.
Where'd you come from, little guy?

3. Sewing the wrong sides together, instead of the right sides.
4. Sewing one right side and one wrong side together.

5. Running out of bobbin thread and not noticing. This usually happens when you are sewing something complicated, and it often takes about two feet of fabric before I notice.

Have you made any good mistakes?

1 comment:

  1. totally made all these mistakes. taught me to S-L-O-W down!