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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Best Tomato Plant

Meet my little garden. Our yard isn't too big, so we just have this small garden. Didn't my husband do a nice job with those bricks? We have tomatoes, lettuce, and three kinds of peppers. You see my lettuce in the middle going to seed. Only two of the lettuce plants got big enough to pick. The others were always small until they started growing UP and getting flowers, which means they have "gone to seed" (growing seeds) and won't taste as good. I've harvested one small green pepper, and two jalapeno peppers. We've picked about eight tomatoes so far from four tomato plants. Three had been partially eaten before we got to them. The others have unsightly cracks.

We've never had good luck with gardens.

But we have one grape tomato plant. An amazing grape tomato plant. It's the tall one on the left. It's about my height. It has given us so many tomatoes! And they have not been eaten by bugs or animals at all. Look at these big bunches! They are like grapes! All season long, we have been getting more and more.

It's called the Tami G Hybrid tomato. You should write that down and find it for your garden next year.

Here's all my beautiful grape tomatoes alongside my ugly, split tomatoes.

Those are from just one grape tomato plant.

Have you had any really great plants in your garden?

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