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Friday, August 23, 2013

Mirror update: three tries. Make that four.

My mom is redecorating at her house and getting rid of some stuff including some great furniture! She gave me this mirror. And it's cute, but it doesn't match anything in my house.

Mom told me I should paint it. Why didn't I think of that?  Normally I would spray paint something like this, but it wouldn't be easy to tape around the round edge of the mirror, so I used craft paint. And I'll scrape the excess paint off with a razor.

I propped it up on these handy cups so the paint wouldn't stick to the towel.
Uh-oh. This paint is going on thin. This might take a while.

After the first or second coat, I notice that you can see the lumpy flower shapes under the paint. Maybe I should sand. But I am optimistic, for some reason, that after more coats you won't be able to tell.

I paint another coat. Because I'm stubborn. Obviously it's still lumpy, so I break down and sand it.
It seems pretty smooth now.
I didn't sand that as good as I thought I did.

It's hard to tell in the picture, but the walls in the bathroom are gray.  The color isn't cute true to life, but I can tell that it doesn't look right.  So I racked my brain for some sort of stencil design I could use to keep some of the silver and add a lot of black.

This is my inspiration:

The Bird's Nest, in China.

I have obtained some extra skinny tape from my secret sources. I would have preferred to have two, but since I like things to be free, I made do with one.  I used this tip to avoid the paint bleeding under the tape.
I am feeling so optimistic about this design!

I finally got around to looking through our whale of a collection of paint cans to find the black one. How many different shades of white does one family need?

One tip about old paint: Instead of using a paint stirrer, just shake up the can. It's less messy. Generally. Make sure the lid is on tight. I won't make that mistake twice. Ha ha! Heh.

Pull off the tape, hang up the mirror. Voila!

Just kidding.

I didn't paint a base coat of kilz under the silver. The skinny tape is not painter's tape. And maybe craft paint is not made to stand up to tape. So when I pulled off the tape, this happened:

I'm so glad you can learn from my mistakes.

I didn't have the heart to try this same design again, but I hope that one of you will. And I hope you send me pictures!

Now I guess I have an opportunity to sand properly. And I have helpers!

They may not look too happy, but they are! They are having a blast!
Paint two coats of kilz and two coats of black. I'm going to do this little pearl necklace design. Use the back of a paint brush to make perfect circles. Dip in the paint, dot on the surface. When you do it, there may be a lump in the middle of the dot, but as it dries, it will spread out like a cookie in the oven. The paint will be extra thick, so allow it plenty of time to dry. I used a small paintbrush to make the small dots. If you don't dip your paintbrush after each dot, it will make a smaller dot each time. You could use that to make a sunburst design.

It has that slightly uneven, hand crafted look, which is totally what I was going for. 

I put up those towels just for you! 

Husband loves it! He can barely contain himself.

I think this mirror took eleven coats of paint, not including the dots, from start to finish.