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Thursday, August 29, 2013

What kind of fictional character would your name represent?

I've noticed more and more in my reading that character's last names often correspond to the type of person they are or the role they play.  This probably happens more in kids books, which is what I usually prefer to read. For example, in the Forgotten Garden (a great book) Mrs. Swindell steals from children and Miss Makepeace attempts to play the role of a peacemaker. So I got to thinking, what if our last names indicated the kind of people we are? With a name like Wood, what would I be? Wooden-headed? A wood worker? Perhaps a mysterious maiden who lives in the wood. Maybe someone who would do anything, as in: Charlotte Would. Take my maiden name, Paris. I think a character with that name would probably be stylish, but maybe promiscuous, which is not what I would want my character to be. In case you were wondering.

So I went through my facebook friends, and if they/you had a name that evoked a quality, I wrote about what sort of character they/you would be in a book. (I'm not saying this is what you are, just what a character with your name would be).

Mr. Abraham - An old man with biblical wisdom.
Mrs. Bell - A musical friend (which is true).
Mrs. Beman - A second-rate friend (which is untrue).
Mrs. Sotelo  - With a name like Sotelo, you'd be a gossipy lady in my book, which doesn't fit you at all.
Mrs. Boozer - You know what character you would play. :)
Mr. Clapper - A yes-man, perhaps, or maybe someone who is encouraging and cheerful.
Mr. Conner and Mr. Connors - the con men.
Mrs. Cravens - Would be someone who is never satisfied.
Mr. and Mrs. Crews - Would either be characters who don't take anything seriously (just cruisin') or would be militaristic in their organization and discipline.
Mrs. Crossley - You would be thwarting the hero at every corner.
Miss Daly - A reporter, perhaps.
Mr. Dupin - Always fooling people.
Mr. Fawcett - Would never stop talking.
Mrs. Fender - Would be the great defender. Or the great offender. :)
Mrs. Finley - Someone with attention to detail.
Miss Gallman - Impudent bad guy.
Mrs. Goshorn - Would have to dramatically sell all of her hair in order to survive.
Mrs. Goodyear - Would bring wonderful things to the story.
Mrs. Hite - A rock climber, or someone who thinks herself above everyone else.
Mrs. and Miss Hunter - Searching for something.
Mrs. Jarchow - Would be a gluttonous bad guy.
Ms. Joy - Would bring joy.
Ms. Key - Would be the answer to the mystery, but you wouldn't find out until the end.
Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood - Would try to keep Ms. Key from discovering her secret.
Mrs. Love - The heroin who falls in love with and marries the hero.
Mrs. Luckie  - Miss Luckie would be a kind friend.
Mr. Lynch - Obviously a bad guy.
Mrs. Markey and Mr. Marks - Might be marked for an early demise.
Mrs. Marsh - Mrs. Marsh would be a simple woman, living off the land.
Mrs. Maxwell - The mean rich lady. Or the generous rich lady.
The Family McBride - Would end up getting married, but you couldn't be sure that he/she would until the last chapter.
Mrs. McCann - Can do anything.
Mr. and Mrs. Moody - I suppose they would be moody.
Mr. Mounts - Tends the horses.
Mr. Noble - The noble hero.
The Family Paris - I already mentioned that you would be stylish and possibly promiscuous.
Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes - You have a long journey to make.
Mr. Peacock - Would think too highly of yourself.
The Family Pope - Would be evil papists.
The Family Pugh - What can I say? You would have to be a bad guy that smells bad. But in real life, you all smell very nice.
Mr. and Mrs. Purtle - Would be slow.
The two unrelated Quinns - Would be writers, because I am reminded of quills.
Miss Ransom - Would be the kidnapper.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray - Would bring sunshine. Good thing you aren't a Pugh anymore. :)
Mr. and Mrs. Read - Would be the smart professors.
Mr. Reuter - The plumber?
Miss Riggles - Either a two year old or a dancer.
Mrs. Snow - The winter queen.
Miss South - The exotic beauty.
Mrs. Strange - Would be a shadowy character of mystery.
Mr. Stump - A pirate!
Miss Summers - Another exotic beauty.
Mr. Swales - Drinks too much.
Mr. and Mrs. Toothman - either a dentist, or a bad guy with ugly teeth.
Mr. Waddell - Short and fat and frantically waddling.
Mr. and Mrs. Walker - Never give up.
Mrs. Weeks - has to wait for something.
Mrs. Wellman and Mrs. Wells - Doctors maybe?
Mr. and Mrs. Westa - Pioneers.
Mrs. White - A pure character. Although, in China, white is the color of death, so maybe a character who gets killed off.
The Family Wiles - Characters employing the wiles of the devil. :)
Mrs. Witcher - a bewitcher.

Your names have inspired some interesting characters! Maybe I will get started on writing that book.


  1. Hey, I really don't think you should put the full names of people on your blog--first names, okay, but not last :) Might cause problems :P

    1. What about only last names? I can change that.

    2. Hah, I'm fine with my name being up there. I just know (from experience) that when I first started blogging I treated it like facebook, and one of my friends got mad that I put her name in my blog underneath a pic I took! Totally made me think about what I put about others on my blog. I always ask first, now.

  2. We have one of each! Nailed it! :)