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Monday, August 12, 2013

Container gardening

I am always going to Lowe's and browsing the plants. I just love plants. Then I see one that I love and I want to take it home with me and plant it. At our last house, this resulted in strange looking garden.  I finally figured out that you have to plan a garden, and it won't look good if you plant plants one at a time. But I still like to buy them one at a time. So: container gardening!

Place your pots at different heights. Put some on the ground, some on tables or plant stands. Hang some on a shepherds hook, or from a tree, or a hook on an overhang. Have a tall plant, such as my honeysuckle growing on a trellis.
Don't go too wild with your colors. I am gradually collecting green pots in all different colors. Choose what colors you want your flowers to be, and stay within that range of colors. I like interesting leaves. That's why I picked this parsley shrub on the left, and whatever that yellow plant and purple plant are below. I'm sure one of you can tell me what those are.  

These plant stands came from a yard sale! They are much sturdier than the ones I paid full price for.

My favorite plants are ones that smell good. I have gardenias in another part of my yard. I wanted to plant honeysuckle all over that little hill you can see in the background above, but I read how it would spread out and take over everything, so I decided to keep it contained in a pot. It still tries to get out, but I beat it back. It didn't grow any flowers this first year, but I am hopeful for next year. Mint also smells good. We have some in the pot below the hummingbird feeder. It's good to put in tea and lemonade. 

A great spot for coffee in the morning!

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