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Saturday, August 17, 2013

You don't need a pattern to sew.

First of all, patterns are very expensive. Second of all, I haven't always found the measurements to be accurate. So use your body and make your own pattern!

Start simple with a skirt. Figure out how wide you want the top by pinning it on your body, and how wide you want the bottom. If you aren't going to add a slit, it should be at least wide enough to let you walk comfortably. For me, that is two yards. My last skirt was not stretchy and I made it one and a half yards. I walk around taking itty bitty steps.  Use a yard stick to make a straight line between the top and bottom.

This is jersey knit cotton, which is stretchy and forgiving, so I didn't bother cutting two separate pieces for the skirt, and I didn't bother sewing the ends because they won't unravel.

When I held the fabric up to pin the size, I liked how the extra fabric flowed, so I decided to leave it there.

I added some elastic at the top.

I cut one of the drapey parts narrower than the other so you can see more drapeyness.

I added a pocket because I dislike being without my phone and my chapstick.

If you have some sewing under your belt, I hope you try making something without a pattern!

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