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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dyeing on the train tracks.

Did you know that you can use fabric dye on wood? I thought my sons' train tracks would be a little more fun if they were blue instead unstained wood color. You can dye any wood that is small enough to fit into your largest pot. It doesn't take as long to dye wood as it does to dye fabric. (I'm not very good at dyeing fabric). And dye is cheaper than stain.

Just stir it in the pot for a few minutes, fish it out with stainless steel tongs, rinse it in water, and dry it on paper towels.

Dye doesn't affect the plastic parts.

When you paint or stain, you have to do one side, let it dry, do another coat, let it dry, flip it over, repeat, repeat, make sure you don't get any paint or stain on the plastic. With dye, you can do ten at one time and you're done.

It's too bad I didn't have a pot big enough for this.

Look at that adorable chubby hand! Is it just me, or does Thomas look a little creepy?

I'd like to try dying wood for this project. Except I would use something larger than coffee stirrers. Something about the size of paint stirrers, but not paint stirrers, because I don't think the paint people would appreciate me absconding with that many paint stirrers when I don't have paint stirring in mind. Anyway, as I've mentioned, there's a better way to stir paint.


  1. Very interesting! Do you have any advice regarding the track itself? We have become interested in trains in the last couple weeks here at the Crews house and intend to invest in some train tracks very soon... (Also, the pictures imply the lack of a dedicated "train table." Any input on that purchase decision would be welcomed...

    1. Our tracks are from Ikea and we like them. They were a gift, so I don't know how the price compares with other train tracks. We don't have a train table because 1. That takes up a lot of space. 2. Part of the fun of train tracks is putting them together in different shapes. Whenever I've seen the train tables, the tracks are glued in place, but if they weren't, you don't have much space to build tracks on. If you have a play room, it may make sense to have a train table. But my kids always prefer to play within ten feet of where I am. They think they are being punished if I tell them to play in a room that I am not in. So we don't have a play room and I don't want a train table in my living room. I think that the floor is the optimum place for train tracks.