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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Knitting Face-Off

Do you knit or crochet? Or both? Which do prefer?

I first learned to knit from college roommate, Christy. We would stay up late doing wild things like knitting scarves. Just kidding, I only stayed up late once in college. I'm a bit too practical for my own good. At least I did not bring my knitting with me to lectures and sit in the front row like a certain visible person you might remember. Although I admit to seeing the appeal of that now that I'm older and less inclined to worry about people think.

For my first project, I picked a great lumpy blue yarn. As a beginner, I should not have picked a lumpy yarn, because every time a little bit of yarn caught on the needle, I thought it was a stitch, and I would knit it in. In this way, my scarf was getting wider and comically wider. I realized my mistake and took it apart and started over.

This is the first scarf I knitted twelve years ago.

Not bad.

But then I saw how my friend, Rebekah, crocheted a scarf, using a huge crochet hook and two different yarns, and she whipped that thing up in an hour or so. I'm sure I took at least a month to make a scarf, so I learned how to crochet from here where you can also get a lot of free patterns for knitting and crocheting.

So I've been thinking about which is better, knitting or crocheting?

Knitting pros:
You can use beautiful lumpy yarns.
You can make cable patterns.
Knitting can look more "professional" than crocheting, because sweaters and scarves that you can buy retail are generally knitted. Though by a machine, of course.
Knitting sounds cooler. Like something that celebrities do.

Knitting cons:
It is worse for my carpal tunnel problem.
It takes longer.
If you mess up and have to take out a row, it is hard to get it back on the needles correctly.

Crocheting pros:
If you mess up, it is easy to pull the yarn out and find a point to start over.
It goes faster.

Crocheting cons:
You can't use lumpy yarns, because you have to be able to see where the hole is to put your hook.
It can have more of a "granny" look to it, if you don't use a good pattern.
Crocheting sounds like that something that grandmas do. Of course, everyone loves grandmas.

I guess they're both great for different reasons, but I think I'll be doing more crocheting because of the speed and because of the carpal tunnel problem I sometimes have.

Which do you prefer?

I better get to work and use up some of this yarn. And stop buying new yarn.

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