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Monday, September 9, 2013

Indie Craft Parade

I got to go to the Indie Craft Parade yesterday. I didn't think I was going to because I was sick and I did not really feel like I could concentrate enough to drive all the way downtown and find a parking spot by myself, but sweet Husband took me, dropped me off and took the kids to a park while I browsed. 

I love the craft parade. I'm not sure what makes it a parade. But it does sound more hipster with that title. And there were hipsters everywhere! I don't get out much, but I'm fairly certain there was a much higher than normal concentration of hipsters at this event. I was afraid they would notice if I took their pictures, so I didn't.

This parade had the whole ball of wax: hair accessories, jewelry, clothing, purses, baskets, bags, scarves, dolls, doll clothes, tee pees, chairs, journals, bookmarks, stationary, food, tea towels, ceramics, paintings, yarn, and fiber crafts. Where else can you buy anatomical fiber art hearts complete with valves and blood vessels? Who is the target audience for this item? And none of these things are at bargain prices. Not that they should be. This is not Walmart. These are artists, and I know from personal experience that it takes a long time to make beautiful things. I think the reason I don't try to sell my crafts is that I would have to charge such a high amount in order to make a decent wage based on how long it took to make, plus the cost of the materials. I don't spend that much on things, so I couldn't bear to charge that much. At least, not at this time. Here's some of the lovely things I saw:
Awesome earrings I can't afford, but I'm sure they will find a happy home.
Amazing kids' teepee for more than $100. But as for me and my house, we will throw a blanket over some chairs and be content.
The sign for Overton Iron Works. They made shelves and signs and things from pipes.
These paintings are cool, but I think they would look better as an animated movie than as art on the walls.

I really like these dolls. But they are out of my price range.
I imagine that if I had some of these leather journals, I would write really amazing, best-selling stories in them. With a journal like that, my whole life would probably be more interesting.

You can see more pictures of what was for sale here. Maybe get some ideas for what you can make yourself. That's one of the reasons I went.

Here's what I bought:

Two skeins of roving that I can spin into yarn.
 Last year I bought some roving and made a scarf. But it was only enough for a very small scarf. So this year I bought two, and I hope to make it into a larger scarf. The colors aren't the same, though. So I appreciate your opinions. Should I combine these into one ball of yarn or two separate?

I crocheted them together so you can see how they look together. I love that surprising bit of yellow in there! She hand paints the roving from her own sheep over at Merciful Hearts Farm.
I also bought this infinity scarf. I wasn't going to buy it at $32, but I asked if she would offer a discount since it was almost closing time for the parade. I had my eye on a green one, but she had a pink one that hadn't sold very well, and she offered it to me for $25. I like the pink one, too, so it came home with me.

Me and my scarf after a lovely dinner in downtown Greenville.

As we were leaving, I thought I'd take some pictures of Greenville, in case you haven't been here. It's a beautiful city with lots of great shops that are generally not in my budget.

You should see Falls Park.

Maybe I'll take a walking tour soon and do the mouse scavenger hunt so you can see more pictures of my city.

This august monument was in a cemetery we passed after we went past the turn we meant to take. Does anyone else get interested in old cemeteries?
 Tell me in the comments, one skein, or two?


  1. I've never spun my own wool--looks SO COOL!! And I love craft fairs. It's like walking around in Etsyland or something :P you are right about it being expensive--but such is the world of "handmade".


    1. Have you sold at craft fairs? Did it go well for you? I tried to sell some bracelets at a Farmer's Market once, and I did not even sell one, even though I'm pretty sure they were awesome and not overpriced. I think people were more in the market for tomatoes.

  2. Love the idea of braiding my roving together to see how it combines. And I enjoyed your observations ;-) Usually I am at Saturday Market as a vendor so had to run a dozen eggs to a friend before Indie began that morning. Another one of our regular vendors told me he'd already seen a "hipster" who must have wandered away from the mill. It is all so much fun. The sales are a blessing for me, I get lots of inspiration & make nice contacts & then realize how very blessed I am to go back to the farm to decompress from all the excitement!