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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Headband Tutorial

I recently figured out how to wear headbands in a way that is not unflattering. I've always liked headbands, but I tried to wear them in a way that was actually functional, pulling all the hair away from my face. That looks horrible on me. So I wear my headbands in a nonfunctional way, with hair hanging out in front.

I went headband shopping today and since I couldn't find what I wanted, I went to the ribbon and lace section so I could make my own. The lace I found is two yards, so I thought I'd be able to make about eight headbands out of that. It turns out that I only made three. It would have been four, but I messed up.

Why did you do this, Sewing Machine?
Here's how to make your own headband with a lace or ribbon that is not stretchy.

1. Measure around your head where you would wear a headband.

 2. Cut your lace three inches shorter than your head measurement.

3. Cut your elastic to seven inches.

4. Pin two inches of your elastic onto the back side of your lace. My elastic is 3/4 inches wide and my lace is two inches wide, so I'm folding it over to sew it.

5. Sew two rows of zigzag stitches to make sure your lace doesn't unravel. Does everyone know to sew backwards a few stitches at the beginnings and ends of rows to prevent unraveling? Did everyone's mothers teach them that on their pink sewing machines? What? Are you saying that my  mother is the only who had a pink sewing machine? That's a shame. Can we all agree that the makers of sewing machines should take a page from Kitchen Aid mixers and come in every single color? Let's start a letter writing campaign.

6. Sew a zigzag row at the top of elastic.

7. Repeat steps five and six on the other side.

8. Wear in an impractical manner that doesn't keep hair out of your face.

This was so easy that I made two extra and I am going to mail them out to two of you! (As long as you live in America). Just share this post on Facebook or Pinterest, and then leave a comment below. I'll draw two names out of a hat (not a literal hat) on Monday and announce the winners!

I probably won't know if you don't actually share my blog.

Do you think there are at least two people who would like to win a headband?

Update: The giveaway is over, and Rachelle and Angela are the winners!


  1. Nice work! Learning to sew is one of those things on my never-ending "to-do" list!

  2. That is super cool. I don't know if I could ever do this on my own.

  3. Hi, Charlotte! I'm sharing on Pinterest. Very cute!