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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Goodbye Summer

Summer is coming to a close. Well, sort of. School has started and the neighborhood pool is closing, but we are still having ninety degree days here in South Carolina. With the closing of the pool imminent, we wanted to make sure we could get to the pool one last time and savor it as much as we could. In fact, we have been to the pool three times recently and each time I thought it would be our last chance to swim for the Summer. The forecast improved one time, and then we found out the pool would stay open one more week than we thought it would. But each of our three last times, I made a point to enjoy it and stay as long as we could. It is going to be about nine months before we can swim again. And I realized that because I had made a point to enjoy it, I really did appreciate it more.

Things are more precious when we know they are going to end.

Shouldn't we live every day like we know it is going to end? Enjoying things to the fullest, choosing to be happy? One day we will look back. And I hope that we remember that we did great things and had wonderful fun and did not sweat the small stuff. Some day my kids will be bigger and I will wish that I had played with them more.

I was going to mention, as part of my "saving money" theme, that when you don't buy stuff as often, that it is more enjoyable when you do. Scarcity being what makes things special. But I will just leave it at that.

Goodbye Summer.

Of course, I am excited about Fall.

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