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Monday, September 23, 2013

A Few Decorating Ideas for Fall

I had the opportunity to host my Dad's birthday party last night. Lots of family came. We all had fun, although my five year old was feeling a lack of cousins to play with. I always knew my parents should have had more than just us two kids, and if they had there might have been cousins on hand.

I enjoyed getting my fall decorations out and arranging them. I snagged that green vase from the buffet table. Husband picked some canna lilies and zinnias. The ladies of small group got together and Ashley organized that pumpkin paper craft. Great idea, Ashley! I have a bag of fall potpourri that I put into that Atlas jar, tall clear vase, and squat shoulder vase on the mantle.

It would have looked nicer to have two separate tables accommodating all eleven of us, but it's more fun if we can all talk to each other. So I turned the dining table sideways so it goes from the dining room into the entryway and added a small table on the end.

Someday, we'll have more than four matching chairs. No hurry.

You can just barely spot the glass etching I did on that vase. Also, I swear I ironed those place mats.
That wire ribbon is easy to curl. And we've had it for years, so I feel that it was a good purchase.
I put this picture up so you could see our TV antenna sitting lopsided on the TV and admire our lack of satellite/cable bill.

 Mom and Dad brought us a mum and two pumpkins!

Husband put it in this pot which I guess we have had long enough for it to develop a lovely "patina". I'm going to call it a patina instead of dirt and mold.
Edit: If you bring a pot with a "patina" inside, when you move it, you might find something moldy growing underneath it later.

These will last quite a long time if we don't carve them.

I may get a few more smaller pumpkins to sit next to these, since I like groupings with varying heights.

Now I am wishing for a pumpkin spice latte.

What's your favorite part about Fall?

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